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Why NOI is So Important

Owners buy and sell based upon this number more than any other. Lenders will finance or refinance based on this number. Helps determine the apparent value using the current capitalization rate.

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Texas Regions Served

  • Dallas
  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • Fort Worth
  • Austin
  • San Marcos
  • Waco
  • College Station


John has been in this business a long time. I don't know of any better manager of properties than when John was operating several apartment communities all over Texas. I would trust him with my properties without hesitation.- Danny Davila CPA

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Reduce Operating Expenses with JLD Apartment Consulting Services in Austin, TX

Privacy & Terms of Use

Our Mission: (JLDAC) is a multifamily property consulting firm whose mission is to provide a review of the operating expenses of apartment communities at the request of their owner(s) or owner representative(s) and make recommendations to that owner as to how those real estate expenses can be restructured, eliminated or reduced.

Sharing of information: JLDAC will not share, transfer or sell any client’s information without client’s expressed written permission. Client does however, by executing the JLD Consulting Agreement, expressly grants permission to JLDAC to disclose part or all of client’s information to other JLDAC employees and staff so long as it is required in connection of rendering JLDAC’s services to that client including inspecting the client’s property, interviews with that client’s management, employees and contract personnel and preparation of the Report as provided in the JLD Consulting Agreement.

JLDAC does not ask for, store or require birthdates, social security numbers, driver’s license data, or credit card data or any similarly sensitive information by any individual in carrying out its mission as stated in this document.

Disputes: JLDAC, Clients, Managers and any participant agree to settle any dispute arising from the JLD Consulting Agreement or any event arising in the performance of JLD’s services to the Client or Client’s employees or contractors shall be resolved by binding arbitration following the American Arbitration Rules. Such arbitration shall be held in Austin, Texas and the results shall be binding as if it were from a Court of Law.

Hold Harmless: Client agrees to hereby hold harmless JLDAC, its associates, affiliates and networking partners from any liability for any adverse events and financial consequences that could arise from JLDAC performing services to Client.

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